Health, Safety Policy

It is the policy of Puncak Niaga Holdings Berhad and its subsidiaries (Puncak Niaga Group) to provide, contractors, visitors, interested members of society and others, and in the spirit of consultation and cooperation, the Management and employees will together strive to achieve goals and objectives of this Policy.

Without prejudice to the generality of the above statement, the policy of Puncak Niaga Group is: -

1. To provide and maintain a safe and environmental friendly workplace and system of work, and to continually improve its environment and safety performance.

2. To continuously emphasize on the prevention of pollution in all activities.

3. To ensure environmental and safety objectives and targets are set and reviewed.

4. To ensure all employees are informed, instructed, trained and supervised on how to perform their job safely and without risk to health and without any harm to the environment.

5. To investigate all accidents and near-misses, and to take corrective measures to ensure the accidents or near-misses will not recur.

6. To comply with all legal and other requirements on health, safety and environment and other good practices which PNSB subscribes.

7. To review this policy as and when appropriate and to ensure it is understood by all employees and is available to all interested parties.y