Investor Relations Policy

As a responsible corporate citizen, Puncak Niaga is totally committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency, accountability and integrity in the conduct of our business activities in the best interest of our shareholders as well as to allow potential investors to make careful and informed investment decisions based on full and transparent disclosure of information.

Puncak Niaga’s Investor Relations Policy aims to build long-term relationships and credibility with our shareholders and potential investors based on trust, honesty, openness, transparency and sound understanding of the Company.

To achieve its objectives, the Company will endeavour to undertake the following:-

1. Creating Quality Dialogue

• To create an environment where the effective bilateral communication between the Company and our shareholders and investors both informs and educates through regular, open and transparent provision of relevant and invaluable information over the long-term which will build mutually beneficial long-term relationships vis-à-vis to foster a clearer understanding of the shareholders’ and investors’ expectations of the Company.

• To engage in quality dialogue with our shareholders and investors whereby the relationship is based on the principles of honesty, openness and transparency and to foster mutual understanding between the Company and our shareholders and investors.

• To reap the benefits of engaging in quality dialogue :-

- Perception on our Company’s risk is reduced;

- Enhance feedback of our Company’s performance;

- Our Company’s share valuation becomes more realistic;

- Our Company’s share valuation becomes more realistic;

- Develop confidence in our Management team and management style;

- Works as a guide in the evaluation of our Company’s business strategy.

2. Investor Communications Statement

• To implement an efficient and effective Investor Relations Programme as part of our ongoing shareholders’ and investors’ communication obligations.

• To provide high quality, meaningful and timely information over and above that is required by law in order to improve the shareholders’ and investors’ understanding of our Company.

• To strive for key competence in the area of professional investor relations vide adequate resources and capabilities.

• To earn the trust, respect and confidence of our existing shareholders and investors.

• To build and maintain long-term relationships with our existing shareholders and investors.

• To initiate long-term relationship building with potential shareholders and investors.

Our commitment to the above Policy is driven by the Board of Directors of Puncak Niaga Group and implemented by the Management.