Overseas Projects

India, Chennai Water Supply

Pipe-laying – Aboveground

On October 2002, PNHB in JV with LANCO and KHEC, was engaged by the Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board in India to complete a RM 234 million (USD 61.10 million) Supply and Lay Contract for 114km of large diameter mild steel pipes ranging from 1750mm to 1875mm. The Chennai Water Supply Project completed in January 2005, which also include a 5-year contract for the operation and maintenance of the pipelines and associated facilities.

China Project

On 22 May 2008, PNHB executed a Sale and Purchase Agreement In Respect Of The Agreed Projects with Global Environmental Solutions Ltd (GESL), (“Sales and Purchase Agreement”) and a Shareholders’ Agreement In Respect of Sino Water Pte Ltd with Environmental Holding Pte Ltd (EHPL) (Shareholders’ Agreement”). The execution of these agreements marked PNHB’s venture into the water and wastewater industry in PRC.

Under the Sale and Purchase Agreement, PNHB acquired the rights to the concessions of The Agreed Projects in the PRC from GESL. These water and wastewater projects were be injected into Sino Water Pte. Ltd. (SWPL), a company incorporated in Singapore initially with 80:20 equity holdings between PNHB and EHPL, which had now changed to 98.65%:1.35%. The Shareholders’ Agreement regulates the relationship of SWPL shareholders and the conduct of SWPL ‘s business.

As at 31 December 2008, two projects namely Lushan Water Supply Project and Binzhou Wastewater Project had been successfully transferred and injected into SWPL. On 27 July 2009, SWPL successfully acquired 80% ownership of Luancheng Dayu Water Supply Co. Ltd., which is involved in the treatment and distribution of water and related services in Luancheng County Township. On 16 September 2009, SWPL become a 80% owner of Hebei Sino Panlong Industrial Water Co. Ltd, a joint venture in PRC to undertake the Yuanshi Industrial Water Supply Project together with Yuanshi County Panlong Industrial Water Supply Co.Ltd.

China Project
Lushan Water Supply Project

The project is located in Lushan County, Pingdingshan City of Henan Province. Currently, Luwei (Pingdingshan) Water Co Ltd, a Sino Water’s 91.34% owned China subsidiary, is supplying water to approximately 6,000 consumer accounts in Lushan County township from the existing 2 MLD underground water well pumping station, with the daily supply ranging from 1.4 MLD to 1.8 MLD. Water is abstracted from underground and supplied directly to consumers by five pumping stations.

Lushan Water Supplies Project involve the rehabilitation of the existing water supply system in Lushan County Township, and to build a new 30 MLD WTP (Phase 1) complete with the laying of 14.65km length of raw water pipeline and new reticulation pipeline in Lushan County township.

The construction of a new 30 MLD WTP and the laying of 14.56km length of 800mm dia. combination of Concrete Pipe and MS Pipe raw water pipeline had been completed. Water from Zhaopingdai Reservoir had been conveyed to the new 30 MLD WTP and he plant has completed its Setting-To-Work and Commissioning Work on 27 November 2012. Supplying of treated water to the consumers in Lushan County township is expected to be commenced upon the distribution pipeline crossing the railway track is completed. With the supply of water from the new 30 MLd WTP, the private wells will be closed gradually and marking a new era for water supply in Lushan County.

A total length of 40km reticulation pipeline will be laid to cover the supply of treated water in Lushan County township for a population of about 130,000. Currently some 15.2 km of the reticulation pipelines were laid and/or replaced, with a further 8.8 km length will be laid and/or replaced and as on 31 December 2012, a total of 3.5km length of the distribution pipeline has been completed. Another 16km length of pipe shall be laid alongside with the development of the Lushan County township and industrial zone.

A new water meter installation and replacement programme to facilitate a more efficient water usage records and billing collection system will be carried out. This programme involves the replacement of 6,000 existing meters and installation of another 18,000 meters for new additional consumer accounts. A total of about 3,000 meter old meter had been replaced under the meter replacement programme. The 18,000 new consume programme is expected to commenced in March 2013 and to be completed within 2 years time, and it is expected that the number of consumer accounts will increase from 6,400 to 24,000, with daily supply volume increasing to more than 11MLD. More efficient systems for registering water usage, billings, collections and customer service will be established for implementation within the next two years in Lushan County Township to serve the estimated 130,000 populations.

China Project
Binzhou Wastewater Project

The project is located in Laodian Village, Yangxin County, Binzhou City of Shandong Province of PRC, under SWPL's 100% owned China Subsidiary, Xinnuo (Binzhou) Co. Ltd.

The project involves the construction of a 30 MLD wastewater treatment plant in two phases of 15 MLD each. It is designed to treat wastewater from the nearby factories that process tannery, building materials and chemicals. The wastewater pipelines from these factories have already been laid and connected to the inlet of the Binzhou WWTP. On the completion of the Binzhou WWTP, the waste from these factories, which is estimated at 15 MLD, will be channeled to the WWTP for further treatment before being discharged into the nearby river.

To commemorate the project commencement, a groundbreaking ceremony was held on 28 September 2008, attended by the Binzhou Government and Chinese Communist Party officers as well as PNHB’s and SWPL's representatives.

The construction of the Phase 1 15 MLD wastewater plant and the plant equipment Commissioning work had been completed. The WWTP Testing & Commissioning work has commenced from 05 July and completed by 31 August 2012, and the WWTP has commenced its operation since then.

Due to the changes on the incoming waste paramenter, after research carried out by design insitutue and discussion with Yangxin County governement and Laodian Town Government, its was concluded that an upgrading to the existing treatment facility will be implemented. The upgrading work is expected to be commenced in March 2013 and completed by June 2013.

With the completion and operational commencement of the new Binzhou WWTP, the current environmental degradation caused by industrial waste has been significantly reduced, resulting in a better environment for Laodian Village in general and the Chenlou Industrial Park, in particular. According to the Laodian Village Government, with the completion of the plant, investors are setting up new factories in Chenlou Industrial Park. By the end of 2013, Chenlou Industry Park will house seven tanneries and its expected that the daily wastewater discharge volume will increase to more than 10MLD once the factories achieve full production. With the development of tannery factories at the Chenlou Industry Park, it is expected that the 2nd phase work shall commence in 2015.

China Project
Yuanshi Industrial Water Supply Project

The project is located in Yuanshi County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Currently, SWPL's 80% owned China subsidiary, Hebei Sino Panlong Industrial Water Supply Co Ltd, supplied water abstracted from Ba-Yi Reservoir directly to the thermal plant in Yuanshi County by gravity flow via a 15.5 km pipeline. Together with PNHB, consultant engage by Yuansh County Government is currently carry out the feasibility study on the water supply scheme for the Yuanshi town domestic consumer and the South Industial Park. The Phase 2 project consisting of a 60MLD domestic WTP and a 55MLD industrial WTP.

Pakistan Project

2010 witnessed the successful completion of a collaboration established by a Memorandum of Agreement (“MoA”) dated 4 September 2008 between PNSB, the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (“KWSB”) and the Asian Development Bank (“ADB”) in relation to the formation of a voluntary partnership with KWSB to provide voluntary services to KWSB through a Twinning Arrangement implemented and financed by ADB as a South Asian Water Utilities Network activity under the Water Operators’ Partnership Programme (“Twinning Arrangement”). The MoA ceased on 30 November 2010 upon the successful completion of the Twinning Arrangement. Through the Twinning Arrangement, PNSB has contributed in enhancing the operation and maintenance of the Pipri WTP in Karachi via developing Standard Operating Procedures for KWSB covering staff training, water quality, maintenance of equipment and safety with the view to increase efficiency and reliability comparable to international best practices.