Core Businesses


Passionate about our business for sustainable performance to create more value to our stakeholder, PNHB Group looks to expand its business in the plantation sector.

As a relatively new player, PNHB will be exploring potential business by collaboration with established local and international plantation companies to fast track our entry into the sectors. PNHB is expanding into the oil palm plantation business in line with Puncak Niaga’s overall vision in maximizing returns to the Puncak Niaga Group with direct involvement in the plantation sector that has proven to be a sustainable business.

The palm oil business creates a new business opportunity for the company. It’s a major strategic decision that will put us on the path to grow in a different direction from before. Based on the historical performance and the future trends of the global palm oil market, we believe the plantation business is financially attractive as it can generate a steady cash flow and is a recurring source of income over long periods. We wil strive to success in this sector through good agricultural practice.

Sarawak Oil Palm Plantation

42,950 hectares of oil palm plantation in Murum, Sarawak