Corporate Governance

Puncak Niaga
Holdings Berhad

Corporate governance as vitally important to the success of PNHB's business and are unreservedly committed to applying the principles necessary to ensure that good governance is practised in all of its business dealings in respect of its shareholders and the relevant stakeholders.

Constitution of The Company

Board Charter

ESG Sustainability Committee Charter

Code of Conduct – Board of Directors

Code of Conduct – Employees

Terms of Reference – Audit Committee

Terms of Reference – Nomination Committee

Terms of Reference – Remuneration Committee

Terms of Reference – Compliance, Internal Control And Risk Policy Committee

Whistle Blowing Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Sustainability Policy

Corporate Disclosure Policy

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

Investor Relations Policy

Diversity Policy

Board Diversity Policy

Directors’ Remuneration Policy

Puncak Niaga’s Anti-Corruption Policy And Procedures

Directors’ Fit And Proper Policy

Directors’ and Key Senior Management’s Conflict of Interest Policy