Description of Works

The scope of works is to provide the operation and maintenance of Kg. Lawa Gadong Water Treatment Plant (WTP) located in Beaufort, Sabah for the bulk supply of potable water to the Federal Territory of Labuan to augment and meet the island’s water supply demand.


The total design capacity of the WTP is 76 MLD. The Phase 1 with design capacity of 38 MLD was commissioned in 1989 while the Phase 2 with equal capacity was commissioned in 2011.


The scope of works also includes the operation and maintenance of twin 610 mm diameter pipelines, each of 47.7 km with 24.7 km located on-shore and about 23 km length subsea, and 4 nos. terminal reservoirs with total capacity of 21 million litres located on Pulau Enoe in the Federal Territory of Labuan.


Our contractual responsibility starts from the point of raw water abstraction from Sg. Padas at the raw water intake of the WTP, the water treatment plant at Kg. Lawa Gadong in Beaufort, Sabah, the twin treated water transmission mains, the 4 terminal reservoirs on Pulau Enoe and until the meter points located on Jabatan Bekalan Air Labuan’s delivery mains, located just after the terminal reservoirs.


The average production of the WTP for February 2019 is 66.07 MLD whereas the average production from January to February 2019 is 66.20 MLD.

Contract Value



36 months until 31 January 2019 (Contract extended and expired on 30 April 2019)

Manning Level

The WTP is manned by 62 personnel and headed by a Plant Superintendent