Puncak Niaga Gearing Up Towards Herd Immunity

In the light of this tough time for Malaysian, Puncak Niaga Group of Companies has been established and categorized as an essential business allowed to operate during the enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO 3.0).

As daily COVID-19 cases remain high, Puncak Niaga continues to take aggressive steps to safeguard the health and safety of its customers, staff and communities while ensuring the delivery of important essential services. MSU Medical Centre has identified Puncak Niaga as an essential conglomerate during this MCO and has invited the group management and staff to be vaccinated in order to minimize the sporadic of COVID-19. Today, 98% of Puncak Niaga employees were vaccinated with their first dosage of Sinovac vaccine and 18 % were completed both dosages.

The rest assured, while the management will ensure that all employee and working place adhered to safety protocols and guidelines from local health authorities in relation to social interactions and hygiene.

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